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New schedules available online and on the buses

In response to customer requests, AMTRAN added trips to current bus routes to fill in service gaps beginning June 23.


Early Morning Trips
The 7:00 a.m. trip on the #1 Crosstown (Ivyside) will continue all summer.  The 7:20 a.m. trip on the #3 Flash (Ivyside) will continue all summer. 
The 7:40 a.m. trip on the #1 Crosstown (Walmart) will continue all summer.  The 8:00 a.m. trip on the #3 Flash (Logan Town Centre) will continue all summer.

 Route                           Leaving Transit Center at
 #1 Crosstown (Ivyside)...............7:00 a.m.
 #3 Flash (Ivyside).......................7:20 a.m.
 #1 Crosstown (Walmart).............7:40 a.m.
 #3 Flash (Logan Town Centre)....8:00 a.m.


Late Afternoon Trips
Beginning on June 23, the #1 Crosstown (Walmart) has a 4:40 p.m. trip.  The #2 East End added a 5:00 p.m. trip.  We added a 5:00 p.m. trip to the #3 Flash (Logan Town Centre).  The last trip for route #4 Plank Road used to leave downtown at 3:00 p.m.  But beginning on June 23, we added trips leaving the transit center at 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.  There is now a 5:20 p.m. trip added to the #5 Pleasant Valley (Walmart) beginning June 23.
To help people get back home after taking care of Courthouse business, we added a #8 Hollidaysburg trip leaving downtown Altoona at 4:30 p.m. that departs the Courthouse at 5:30 p.m.

 Route                                  Leaving Transit Center at
 #1 Crosstown (Walmart)................4:40 p.m.
 #2 East End..................................5:00 p.m.
 #3 Flash (Logan Town Centre)......5:00 p.m.
 #4 Plank Road...........4:00 p.m. & 5:00 p.m.
 #5 Pleasant Valley (Walmart)........5:20 p.m.
 #8 Hollidaysburg...........................4:30 p.m.


Evening Service
Previously the #14 Evening Flash only ran Monday through Friday.  Starting on June 23, the Evening Flash also runs on Saturday nights.
Because we are adding so many 5:00 p.m. trips, the #12 Night Owl does not start until 6:00 p.m.

AMTRAN is committing to these new trips for a minimum of one year.  Service beyond one year will be based on ridership productivity.

myStop app for iPhones and iPads

Amtran and their tech partner, Avail Technologies of State College, have announced a myStop app for iPhones and iPads available as a free download at the App Store.


Using the new app, customers can plan their trip through Google Maps.  You can also find out when your bus will be at your stop in real time.  In addition, you can set an alert to remind you when the bus will arrive.


The new smart phone app is one of many available technologies from AMTRAN that make it easier to ride the bus.  Real-time bus departures are also available on our website, by phone (944-1200), or by scanning a QR code posted at every bus stop.  For more info, click on the myStop icon above.


AMTRAN also offers a rider alert service to send you a text or email if your bus is detoured for weather or construction.  To sign up, click on the Rider Alert button on the right.

Trip Planning Through Google Maps

AMTRAN now offers transit trip planning through Google Maps adding to an  already long list of technology applications to make it easier to ride the bus.       

Just click the light blue icon above.  Customers can plug in their origin, destination, and time of day to have Google Maps plan their bus trip for them.  Their plan will include directions to the bus stop (and how long it will take to walk there), when the bus is scheduled to arrive (and how long the bus trip will take), and finally how to get from their ending bus stop to their final destination (again including how long a walk).


According to Eric Wolf, AMTRAN General Manager, “This is a simple, easy solution to customers asking ‘how do I get there from here?’  It works on a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smart phone.  Plus it’s available 24/7.”


Trip planning is only the latest technological innovation for AMTRAN.  For more than four years, customers have been able to get real-time bus departure times from any AMTRAN bus stop through their computer or phone plus through scan-able QR codes at every stop.


AMTRAN’s tech partner is Avail Technologies in State College, PA.

No bus service on Sundays and on the following holidays - New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


AMTRAN logo color bar

Abel is a frequent passenger on the AMTRAN buses. Abel is twenty-four years old, grew up in Altoona, and is living with Downs Syndrome. Five days out of the week he can often be found hopping on and off the buses and chatting with the divers he calls his friends. 

Abel has ridden the buses to and from the Olive Garden (where he works) Monday through Friday for the past two years. He starts his commute by jumping on the Fairview bus and taking it to the Transit Center. He then transfers to the Pleasant Valley that delivers him safely to the Olive Garden. After work he reverses his route to get home.

He is well known by his regular drivers who make sure he gets to work and back home without a hitch. Because his parents work during the day, Abel would be unable to maintain successful and independent employment without the reliable and safe services provided by AMTRAN.

Abel K.

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