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Mission/ Vision/ Strategies

AMTRAN’s Value Proposition

Amtran helps individuals and strengthens our community.  Our bus service helps people get where they need to go.  We carry 500,000 people every year.  That's half a million bus rides on Amtran.

  • We help working people get to their jobs.

  • We help older people age in place instead of having to move out of their home.

  • We help people with disabilities maintain their independence.

  • We help college students get to class so that they can avoid the added expense of owning a car.


AMTRAN Mission 

To improve the economic well-being and the quality of life of our customers, our community, and our AMTRAN Team through the provision of excellent transportation services.


To be an integral and irreplaceable component of the region’s transportation infrastructure, and an innovative leader in public transportation excellence in Pennsylvania and throughout the USA.

AMTRAN Strategies

1.      To ensure good stewardship of public funds, and to assure continuous funding through current partners as well as from new sources;

2.      To provide services that are increasingly reliable, safe and secure, convenient, clean and comfortable, understandable, affordable, and are delivered by empathetic employees;

3.      To achieve high employee morale and job satisfaction in terms of compensation, working conditions, training, empowerment, relationships, safety and security, policies and procedures, and labor/management cooperation;

4.      To maintain and update our equipment, facilities, and technology to provide customer benefits and service efficiencies;

5.      To be an important partner in regional economic development.



Our mission, vision, and strategies have evolved over the past 25 years.  However our values, which were written by Amtran employees in 1998, have stayed exactly the same.  We try very hard to live up to those values.  Yes, sometimes we may fall short.  But it is how we all agreed that we want to treat each other.  It remains our goal today.

  • Be honest with each other.

  • Treat each other and the customer with dignity and respect.

  • Encourage safety, high quality work, and dependable behavior in service to the community.

  • Help each other by sharing information on better ways to do things.

  • Bring a positive attitude to the job.

  • Be dependable.

  • Be patient and understanding.

  • Take pride in quality of performance and appearance.

  • Respect the individual regardless of differences.

  • Recognize the contribution each member brings to the team.