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Governor Corbett’s Leadership

from the Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition

Friday, March 30, 2012 | Categories:

The Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition commends Governor Tom Corbett for embracing a comprehensive transportation funding plan as one of his administration's top priorities in his budget address in early February.  The Coalition was encouraged by his insistence that the solution must be a lasting one.  His comments were in keeping with the recommendations of his Transportation Funding Advisory Commission, which would put transportation funding on track for a comprehensive, lasting solution.

Strong support in Harrisburg
Even in today’s rancorous political atmosphere, transportation funding has bi-partisan, bicameral support.  We saw further evidence of that in the reaction of legislators to the Governor’s comments on the issue.  Moreover, public opinion research shows that a majority of Pennsylvanians regard transportation funding as the most important issue facing the commonwealth.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Finally, the Coalition was very encouraged by the governor's continuing emphasis on creating jobs and improving Pennsylvania's economy.  An adequately funded transportation system will support tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs – in Pennsylvania. 

Quality of Life
We look forward to working with the administration and the General Assembly to move this vital public policy issue forward, both for its near-term economic benefits as well as to create a key component for future prosperity and an improved quality of life for all residents of the commonwealth.

Coalition Membership
The Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition is a confederation of organizations with an interest in multimodal transportation funding, who support a comprehensive solution to Pennsylvania's transportation funding needs.  Members include the highway construction industry, public transit agencies, labor unions, farm organizations, AARP, bicycle and pedestrian transportation advocates, land-use advocates, AAA, air and seaport organizations, organizations representing local governments, chambers of commerce, travel and tourism organizations, environmental advocates, freight and passenger rail organizations and truck freight haulers.