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Cart & Stroller Policy

Cart & Stroller Policy



Although AMTRAN encourages customers to utilize the services offered by AMTRAN to access all community amenities, the guidelines and instructions contained herein must be followed to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers, as well as the safety of AMTRAN and passenger property.  

II.General Provisions and Regulations 

  • For the purposes of this Policy, carts, shopping carts, and strollers are accepted for use onboard Amtran vehicles.
  • Two or four wheeled personal shopping carts that are 18 inches wide and 42 inches tall are permitted. No large carts and no wagons are permitted onboard.
  • Carts and stroller equipment must have the ability to be folded and be kept clear of aisles and doorways aboard buses when necessary due to space availability and/or direction of Amtran employee.
  • Seniors and customers with disabilities have priority use of the Priority Seating area aboard buses. If these seats are not in use, open strollers or carts may be parked in this area. It is the responsibility of the customer to secure the stroller or cart.
  • Customers may request use of the access ramp to help you board and exit.
  • Strollers, with children remain inside, should be positioned so that the child faces the rear of the bus and any applicable wheel locks and seatbelts must be secured. Strollers are not permitted to create an obstacle for other riders. It is the responsibility of the customer to secure the stroller or cart. Equipment is not permitted to block the aisle, stairs or doorway.
  • Carts and strollers left on an AMTRAN bus or at an AMTRAN facility for longer than thirty days will be considered abandoned. 


  • The use of the carts and strollers on AMTRAN buses is strictly at the own risk of the customer.  
  • AMTRAN is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to any cart, stroller, or other equipment on the AMTRAN buses or property, regardless of cause.