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Rider Conduct Policy

Rider Conduct Policy and Procedures


AMTRAN mission is to improve the economic well-being and the quality of life of our customers, our community, and our AMTRAN Team through the provision of excellent transportation services. We strive to achieve our mission utilizing the following core values.

  1. Be honest with each other
  2. Treat each other and the customer with dignity and respect
  3. Encourage high quality work and dependable behavior in service to the community
  4. Help each other by sharing information on better ways to do things
  5. Bring a positive attitude to the job
  6. Be dependable
  7. Be patient and understanding
  8. Take pride in quality of performance and appearance
  9. Respect the individual regardless of differences
  10. Recognize the contribution each member brings to the team

At AMTRAN, our primary goal is to ensure that every customer enjoys a safe, clean, and comfortable ride. We will make every effort to ensure that customers enjoy safe, pleasant, clean, and comfortable transportation on our buses. AMTRAN bus operators and customer service personnel will always strive to be courteous and patient with all customers with whom they have contact.  In order to achieve our goal, AMTRAN expects that all customers respect the rights of other riders and abide by the rules below. Failure to comply with these rules of conduct may result in rider discipline up to and including termination of transportation services.

  • No chewing or smoking tobacco including electronic and vapor cigarettes
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances
  • No illegal activities
  • Refusing to follow reasonable directions given by AMTRAN staff, especially, those that relate to the safety and security of the customers and staff
  • Shopping items/packages must be limited to an amount that you and a companion can safely carry in one trip entering and exiting the bus
  • No use of obscene, profane, or indecent language
  • No bullying of any type
  • No verbal or physical abuse toward the bus operator or other customers
  • No objects defined as or intended to be a weapon
  • Failure or refusal to pay proper fare when boarding
  • Minimized volume of personal music, phones, and electronic devices
  • Offensive personal hygiene
  • No hazardous materials
  • No customer is allowed to solicit for any contributions
  • Properly securing animals (must be contained in proper pet carrier and latched)
  • Service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered unless the device interferes with the service animal’s work or disability prevents using the device. Individuals must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls. The animal must be house trained.


Directive: To establish a uniform policy and procedure on prohibited conduct aboard AMTRAN Vehicles.

 If prohibited conduct is being observed on an AMTRAN Vehicle, the bus operator, in a professional manner, shall make a request for the prohibited conduct to stop.

If the prohibited conduct does not stop, the bus operator shall stop the vehicle in a safe area and make a second request for the prohibited conduct to stop and inform the customer that if they do not adhere to the second request, the bus operator will contact a supervisor for assistance.

After the second request, the customer does not stop the prohibited behavior, the bus operator will remain at the location, notify dispatch, and request assistance from a supervisor and law enforcement authorities if deemed appropriate.

If an AMTRAN Vehicle is stopped due to prohibited conduct and the customer does not adhere to the bus operator’s second request, the following process will be followed.

  • The customer will be removed from the bus.
  • The Rider Conduct Policy and Procedures will be forwarded to the customer advising that any further instances of disruptive behavior may result in action up to an including suspension of riding privileges.
  • Based on an appropriate investigation and the severity of the incident, the Transportation Director reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend an individual form AMTRAN service.


Appeal Process: If a passenger wishes to appeal the authority’s decision of discipline, contact information is as follows:

Contact the Director of Transportation at:

Phone: 814-944-4074


Mail:  3301 Fifth Avenue, Altoona, PA, 16601, Attn: Director of Transportation

Note: If the written communication of the disruptive behavior policy is the actions of an under aged customer, all written communication will be directed to the parent or legal guardian of the disruptive customer.

Note: According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is not discrimination for an entity to refuse to provide service to an individual with disabilities because that individual engaged in violent, seriously disruptive, or illegal conduct. However, an entity shall not refuse to provide service to an individual with disabilities based solely on the individual’s disability results in appearance or involuntary behavior that may offend, annoy, or inconvenience employees of the entity or other persons. (i.e. Tourettes Syndrome) 

The Bus Operator must document in detail all incidents using Incident Report Form procedures at the end of his/her shift.

 Adopted January 23, 2015  

Revised June 22, 2016  

Revised November 1, 2016